MedicAlert ICE Tag

MedicAlert ICE Tag

Product No: 101460000


MedicAlert ICE Tags use proven QR code technology for quick access to your digital health record - anytime, anywhere. The stickers are highly visible, and a quick scan from a smart phone camera opens your detailed health profile. In an emergency, first responders can see your medical conditions, medications, allergies, and much more.

The set includes 4 durable vinyl stickers that are water and weather resistant. They adhere securely to any hard surface for easy application on your phone case, helmet, refrigerator door, or mobility aid – the possibilities are endless!

ICE Tags require an active MedicAlert protection plan. Note: each set of 4 stickers can be linked to only one member account. If you need stickers for multiple people in your family, order a separate sheet of stickers for each person.

How does the ICE Tag work?

The beauty of the QR code on your ICE Tag is that when first responders scan your QR code, they access all the vital medical information stored in your MedicAlert health profile. This includes allergies, medical conditions, medications, implanted devices, and more - everything they need to make faster, more accurate decisions about your treatment. When you make an update in your MedicAlert health profile, it's immediately reflected in your QR code - so your most up-to-date medical info is always available. 

What if my ICE Tag is lost or stolen? How do you protect my privacy?

If your ICE Tag is lost or stolen, you can easily disable your QR code in your MedicAlert account, or contact our Member Services team for help. All MedicAlert data is encrypted and stored on HIPAA-compliant servers for your protection.


  • Set includes 4 stickers
  • Each sticker approximately: 2 3/4 L x 1 5/16 W
  • Material: Durable White Vinyl
  • QR code access to your MedicAlert health record