Lynx Titanium Medical ID Bracelet Red

Product No: A8890800


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What do you want first responders to know in an emergency? We’ve provided suggestions, but each line can be customized to convey your most critical health information. Get Engraving Tips



Our Lynx Medical ID Bracelet is sleek and modern. Made of ultra-lightweight titanium steel, this medical ID bracelet has a stylish patterned lynx chain with a snap-on clasp. The bracelet features our globally recognized MedicAlert Foundation emblem. This titanium medical ID bracelet can be worn day and night. This medical ID is comfortable, durable and waterproof. 

The world renowned MedicAlert Foundation emblem is prominently displayed on the front of the medical ID bracelet. Your custom medical engraving will be on the opposite side.

Benefits of wearing a titanium medical ID bracelet

A medical ID bracelet is great for those living with chronic medical conditions, diabetes, allergies, autism, Alzheimer's or dementia, lupus, Parkinson's and other medical conditions. A titanium medical ID is especially great for people with skin sensitivities or allergies. Your medical ID will provide first responders with the medical knowledge they need to save your life in the case of a medical emergency. 

Engraving information for a medical ID

Your custom engraving should contain any allergies, medical conditions, medications, implanted devices, or any other important medical information. Emergency responders can use this vital medical information to save your life if you are in an accident or have a medical emergency. MedicAlert offers free custom engraving on all medical IDs.


  • Medical ID material: Titanium
  • Size: 8”
  • Medical ID size: 2" x 1/2"
  • Chain type: Titanium steel link
  • Clasp Type: Snap-On clasp
  • Engraving: 2 lines